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Sportscast - 11/04/18

Morrison - Hominy Football Recap

My first sportscast, covering Oklahoma State athletics, including men's basketball, local high school football playoffs in Oklahoma, football recaps for Oklahoma and Oklahoma State ahead of the Bedlam, NFL action and David Beaty being fired. I wrote the script, edited the video, and made the graphics.

I traveled to Morrison, OK for some Friday night high school football action. I shot the footage, made the graphics, wrote the script, voiced the recap, shot the interview, and had a standup in the Wildcats' win.

Oklahoma State Club Golf Feature

2018 Bedlam Preview

Part of a group feature on the Oklahoma State Club Golf team. In this video, I helped write the script, make the graphics, edit the video and shot a standup.

I previewed the latest edition of this annual rivalry. I edited footage together around key SOTs provided by both head coaches, along with writing and voicing the script for the preview. I also made graphics and shot a standup from inside Boone Pickens Stadium.

Softball Ticket Promo

Intramural Sports Highlights

Using Adobe After Effects, I created this ticket promo for Bedlam softball. I went and shot the footage from previous games and matched the cuts to the music.

Intramural softball is one of the most popular spring

sports on the Oklahoma State campus.

For this video, I shot the highlights and edited them.

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