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Intramural Basketball Highlights

Engineers Without Borders

Intramural basketball is one of the most popular winter sports on the Oklahoma State campus.

For this video, I shot the highlights and edited them.

I followed up on an earlier news story I wrote. I took it to the next step, creating an extended video to go along with the story. I wrote the script and voiced the story. I also shot the videos and edited the video.

Football Recap - Iowa State 11/11/17

Trey Cobb Feature

I traveled to Ames, Iowa to shoot highlights for The Poke Report. While on site, I also shot postgame interviews after the Cowboys' thrilling win over the Cyclones. I also wrote the script, did the voiceover, created the graphics and edited the video.

Trey Cobb was a fan-favorite pitcher during his tenure at Oklahoma State. He loves Oklahoma State and Stillwater, and did his part to help youngsters learn more about the game of baseball. For this video, I wrote the script, did the voiceover, conducted the interviews, created the graphics and edited the video.

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