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2022 Iowa State Fair/Field of Dreams

Special Morning Newscast

Opening Day of the Fair and the second ever MLB Field of Dreams game fell on the same day. We produced a special edition of our morning newscast, featuring two live anchors in separate locations.

Creative Newscast

An example of a newscast where I was able to showcase the variety of locations in the studio and challenge myself to break the norm of a day-to-day broadcast.

NFL Playoffs Preview

A short segment previewing the NFL Playoffs, which featured multiple ties to the state of Iowa.

Developing Newscast

An example of a newscast where stories were developing during the night and while we were on air. 

Developing/Weather Newscast

Another example of a developing newscast with multiple stories we were learning more about, plus we were also dealing with winter weather this day.

Presidential Visit Preview

The newscast the morning of a Presidential visit to Menlo, IA to discuss new biofuel rules.

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