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General Newscast Examples

A variety of newscasts, showcasing producing ability.

*Note: reporter packages and weather have been significantly edited to save time and space.*

Oklahoma City Bombing

25th Anniversary Special Newscast

The early evening newscast that aired on the 25th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing.

Tulsa BLM Protests Block Interstate 244

From May 31, 2020: part of the protests that swept the nation. Showcases ability to produce during breaking news that is rapidly changing and evolving.

Presidential Rally in Tulsa

From June 20, 2020: President Donald Trump visits Tulsa for the first reelection rally since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Showcases ability to produce on the fly and wrap up a day's worth of coverage on time.

Missing Children News Conference

From May 27, 2020: Area law enforcement hold a press conference to provide an update on two Tulsa children, who were missing and feared dead. Showcases ability to produce unscheduled breaking news conferences.

Missing Children News Conference - 

Production Communication Highlighted

Same video as previous, however this version features the communication between myself and the director, graphics operator and more. Showcases ability to communicate in control room while on-air.

*Note: audio is a split track*

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